Welcome to the website! I am so excited you trusted me to be your next Anne Arundel County Sheriff, and bring Modern, Trusted, Law Enforcement back to the Office of Sheriff!

After 2 years in office, I can tell you that the men and women of your Sheriff's Office are hard working people who are dedicated to public service. I have not forgotten why you put me in office and I strive to be a Sheriff in whom our county can be proud. I am continuing with my vision to bring renewed energy, integrity, and leadership to the Sheriff’s Office through innovation, and the experiences of my 26 year law enforcement career. 

After many years, limited vision and direction left the Sheriff's Office in need of a leader who can bring about positive change and return the office to the status of a modern agency. Upon entering office, there was a backlog of over 12,000 unserved warrants, outdated safety and security practices, and serious issues with internal controls and accountability. I have already addressed many issues and developed a long-needed strategic plan for the agency. 

My approach to crime is to be tough on criminals, ensuring our most violent criminals are aggressively targeted and taken off the streets, while providing a safe environment for deputies and citizens. I am working to hold the line on warrants and ultimately reduce the outstanding backlog of warrants in Anne Arundel County. Finally, I have put into place much needed changes in security procedures, and program management, to correct a long list of accountability issues discovered through county audits and internal assessments.

I am a life-long Anne Arundel County resident, life-long Republican, father and husband of 33 years. I have lived throughout the county in Brooklyn Park, Severn, Pasadena, Millersville, and Tracys Landing. I am married to my Old Mill High School sweetheart with three wonderful adult children, an awesome grandchild and a few more on the way! I have committed to serve my community as a police officer, concerned parent, high school coach, and community volunteer.

I hope you will join my campaign, follow me on social media and get ready for exciting changes, bringing new vision to the Office of Anne Arundel County Sheriff. Please click on the tabs to read more about my plans for the Sheriff's Office, my background, and experience.


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