Welcome to the website! I am so excited you trusted me to be your Anne Arundel County Sheriff, and bring Modern, Trusted, Law Enforcement back to the Office of the Sheriff!

After 3 1/2 years in office, I can tell you that the men and women of your sheriff's office are hard working people who are dedicated to public service. I have not forgotten why you put me in office and I strive to be a Sheriff in whom our county can be proud. I am continuing with my vision to bring renewed energy, integrity, and leadership to the sheriff’s office through innovation, and the experiences of my 30 year law enforcement career.

We have made incredible strides to advance the sheriff's office since 2018. Here is a quick summary!

I ran on a platform to restore integrity to the office, address outstanding county warrants and modernize the agency. To that end, we have engaged communities through outreach efforts and a new smartphone mobile application to enhance community awareness and transparency. 

In 2021 we launched a first-of-its-kind in Maryland online warrant database. That database was combined with our innovative Safe Surrender Program and a tip line for criminal activity, which has dramatically increased crime tips and self-reporting for wanted persons. Safe Surrender improves deputy interaction with citizens in the community and reduces the liklihood of negative interactions during warrant service. These innovations, along with changes in policy and organization, have resulted in a 20% decrease in outstanding circuit court warrants for serious offenders.

The office has been significantly modernized through improved courthouse security, upgraded and enhanced agency technology and communications, and a new facility for the Sheriff's Field Operations Bureau. The new facility near Annapolis Westfield Mall expands sheriff's services to two locations and improves safety and security for office employees. This facility allows for new training opportunities, new dispatch facilities, provides enhancements to the canine program, and a gym for employee health and well-being.

Combined technologies with the police department have greatly improved service efficiency for the sheriff's office and significantly improved deputy safety. Additionally, access to new equipment, such as, portable ballistic shields has improved the mission-readiness of the agency and provided new capabilities for critical incident response.

My plan for the future is to continue innovations in warrant service, expand security technology at the circuit court, and to continue improving the safety of deputies and citizens through even greater outreach. Another election season is already upon us, and I only have one comment regarding your choices - Of all the candidates in the race, regardless of party, I am the only candidate who has dedicated their law enforcement career solely to the citizens of Anne Arundel County. 

Born here, raised here, and committed to serving our community. I am not running for re-election to be a sheriff, I am running again to continue to be your sheriff.

I hope you will join my campaign, follow me on social media and watch for more exciting changes in the Office of Anne Arundel County Sheriff. Please click on the tabs to read more about my plans for the Sheriff's Office, my background, and experience.


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